Babies born in the spring of 2006

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Spring 2006 Babies
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Welcome to spring06babies! This is a community made for those of you who have babies who were born in or near the months of March, April, or May of 2006.

The focus of this group is on better parenting practices, as outlined by the AAP and WHO. We think that breastfeeding is normal, natural, and what is best for babies, but formula feeding moms are encouraged to join also.

This is a forum for sharing pictures, stories, parenting practices and advice. While healthy and friendly debate is welcome, this is not the place for personal attacks or 'flaming.' We are NOT a snark community.

When posting for the first time, please introduce yourself!

Try to include:
- your name and age
- spouse or significant other's name/age
- child(ren)'s names and ages
- where you are from
- pictures!

Also, let us know a little bit about YOUR parenting style (do you breastfeed? cloth diaper? wear your baby? delay solids?)

Please, no selling or links to ebay auctions without prior approval from a maintainer, and no advertising of other communities without prior approval. Also, while formula feeding moms ARE welcome in this community, please do NOT endorse or recommend formula to our breastfeeding mothers. It's okay if you do it, we don't mind, but please understand that breast IS best, and formula should never be recommended to a breastfeeding mother.

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Baby's Name/DOB

Other Children


hamano_kumiko* Candace Maeleigh Elisabeth (3.22.06) Isabella (3), Alex (2) Michigan
starfish12* Kelly Dominic Henry (3.24.06) Aria (1.5) Michigan
agirlday* Randi Luna Wilder (3.11.06) Solstice (1.5) Texas
hisrisingstar Krista Layla (5.10.06) Lennon (12.23.04) New York
amyames Amy Abigail (2.27.06) Nova Scotia, Canada


Jessica Gabrielle (3.4.06) Oklahoma
woozles18 Magan Kaylie (3.6.06) Alabama
oooh_baybeh Michelle Paris (3.28.06) Michigan
babyogg Melissa Hannah Holly (3.23.06) Florida
mcandiburger Andi Bailey (2.10.06) Texas
starshine320 Amanda Grace Madeline (2.21.06) Connecticut
mrs_mazzei Nicole Liam (2.15.06) Florida
sparklesnort Leslie Julia Ruth (3.19.06) Tennessee
kylees Kylee Kalan (3.15.06) Melbourne, Australia
mummygeorgie Georgie Alastair (3.2.06) Perth, Australia
cellie59 Celeste Delia Mae (3.18.06) Missouri
neokitty Jessica Simon (3.1.06) Logan (d. 12.11.04) Michigan
lovebill Rachel John Christopher 03/14/06 Teagan B: 11/09/02 Montana

*denotes community maintainer