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A little over a year ago, I looked an awful lot like this:

If I only knew what was coming...

And if you are interested in reading about the most difficult night of my life, followed by one of the best mornings, you can read Luna's
Birth Story.
19 February 2007 @ 11:47 pm
Wow I don't think I posted in here since my son was first born!

I've been on a LJ leave for the past few months now, I had a long ongoing family crisis that completely distracted me from my internet life but everything has settled down now. I'm a little sad to see that this place isn't the hopping community it was when it was first started.

Well, Johnny just turned 11 months on the 14th. I cannot believe that he's almost a year old now! Such a big boy. Time really flies huh?

He's doing all sorts of neat stuff now. He waves "hi" and "bye bye", STILL not crawling or walking but cruises a little bit and scoots around on his butt. He loves to dance to music, make gigantic messes in his highchair, and wow I never realized just how different boys are from girls...my daughter never threw things, shredded paper into a million pieces, or knocked things over on purpose...all things that Johnny just loves to do.

I will post some photos tomorrow, I don't have any recent ones uploaded at the moment and I'm too lazy to do so right now.

In other news, my husband and I got a surprise Valentine's Day gift this year - we're expecting #3!

I would love to read everybody else's updates!

I guess I should also mention that my username was lovebill. I changed it months back.
19 January 2007 @ 01:28 pm
Clayton has been crawling for about a month now and is as fast as lightning now lol. He is also pulling up on everything, saying "Dada" and "Yum" when he eats and is eating everything in sight!!!

What is new with everyone's spring baby??? Updates with pictures!!!!!

Some pictures of my big 9.5 month oldCollapse )
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17 December 2006 @ 10:11 pm
Hello everyone! I just found this community and it looks great! My name is Rachel and I am 21 years old. I live in Tallahassee, FL with my son Clayton who was born on March 31, 2006, the day before my 21st birthday, my husband Tony who actually just turned 27 today, and our dog Casey whom we adopted from a shelter 2 years ago this coming January. I am fairly new to LJ so I am still trying to find my way around but so far I really like it! I am also currently a student at Florida State Univeristy studying social work and will be graduating in August while my husband is an accountant for a local accounting firm.

I consider myself a very attached parent. My son is exclusively breastfed and has never had a drop of formula (he does get a bottle when he is at daycare but it is always breastmilk). He is also worn (which he just loves and do I!).

Clayton is currently learning to crawl. He can do about two crawls forward and then falls flat on the ground but the boy sure can roll to get around! He is also starting to stand but not quite on his own yet. Shouldn't be long, though. He is currently 8.5 months and 18 lbs. 10 oz. He is also pulling up on everything!!!!!!!

I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone! Before I go, though, here are some pictures!

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13 November 2006 @ 05:15 pm
Here's a heads-up to any of you mammas with gigantor babies like mine... Old Navy has "baby's first christmas" stuff in size 12-18 months. It's the first place I've found that carries "baby's first _____" in anything bigger than 9 months.

(obviously, I'm pretty stoked.)
02 November 2006 @ 10:37 am
Hi y'all! This is my first post in this community, so I thought I'd introduce myself and my baby girl.

My name is Megan and I'm 20 years old (just turned 20 in July), I'm a single mom so Kaylee's biological father's out of the picture, but I have a boyfriend whose taken up being a dad quite well. His name is Robert and he's 23.

I have one daughter who's 6 months old and her name is Kaylee. We're from San Luis Obispo, CA.  I've breastfed Kaylee since she was a week old, before that I pumped and bottlefed her due to her prematurity. I started cloth diapering back in July/August, so I'm pretty new to it.  Kaylee's eating solids, I wore her in the Moby Wrap when she was smaller; but she weighs 19 lbs 8 oz now and my thin frame can't take it!

26 October 2006 @ 08:19 pm
In the spirit of all the updates, here's a little blurb about Bailey. She's 8 1/2 months old already (is it just me or does that sound OLD?!). She's still a chunker. 22 pounds of pure baby love. Her personality is coming out in full force. She's hilarious and stubborn, just like her daddy, but she's pretty particular about things, so she's got some of me in her too. And she's taking her sweet old time hitting milestones. (Methinks it may have something to do with the extra chubb she's throwing around.) She's scooting, army crawling, and rolling all over the place, but she hasn't quite figured out the full crawl yet. No pulling up to standing yet either. She only says "mama" when she cries, otherwise she doesn't really babble, though she says things that sound remarkably similar to "hello" and "golddigger" quite frequently. Overall, she's quite the happy little thing, very curious and wide-eyed. There's not much in this world as fulfilling as getting a big old belly laugh out of her.

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25 October 2006 @ 07:27 am
Dominic just turned 7 months old yesterday :)

His doctor visits are delayed a bit because we had to wait an extra month to see the doctor we wanted to see. So he had his six month checkup 2 days ago. I thought he had a cold, and they ended up not giving him his shots because he was so sick. I really hope he is better by his appointment next week! My poor little guy is not feeling well :(

Dominic crawls with his little leg sticking out, it's very funny. He claps now, too. He's also trying to stand up. Not pull up, actually stand up. He's not even close yet, though :P I'm shocked at how different Dominic is from his sister. It is like night and day, their personalities, but they LOVE each other. Aria is constantly telling Dominic to "STAND UP SO I CAN DANCE WITH YOU!" It's really cute, sometimes, Aria will hold his hands while he is standing and dance with him. That doesn't usually last very long, though, because Aria's expectations of what Dominic can do are still a little high :)

And here are some pictures because I can't think of anything else interesting to say :P

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24 October 2006 @ 11:07 am
Wow. Luna is seven months old and AMAZING. She started crawling at 5 and a half months (real crawling, not scooting!) and now she is fast! She is pulling up on anything and everything and 'walking' around. She is fearless. She is in LOVE with her big sister. Totally awestruck. It is beautiful, but also heartbreaking if Solstice isn't reciprocating. She could give or take me or Sol :)
She is funny like her sister. And SO expressive! She loves peek-a-boo and noise. Lots of noise. And she makes lots of noise.

I am doing.... well. After seven months of a pretty debilitating post-partum depression (that just went up and down and up and down, down, down), I am feeling a lot better. I hope that it sticks this time. I hate to have this beautiful family and not appreciate and enjoy it for all that it's worth.

We are not sure if we'll have a third baby... that was the plan, but the PPD scared the hell out of us, so we'll have to see. At the very least, we know that the next baby will be a little further apart in age. My iud is firmly in place for the time being.

I hope that everyone and all of your babies are healthy and well.

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24 October 2006 @ 10:12 am
Well, our babies are 5-8 months old!
And I haven't heard from anyone lately! How are you? How are your babies? Pictures? Updates? Stories?

I was pregnant already when Solstice was this age... anyone pregnant? or thinking about it? or dead-set against it?!

What are ya'll doing for your babe's first Halloween? Costumes? Pictures? Just think - last Halloween, we were all pregnant!
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